Saturday, 27 March 2010

Private Jenkins (W.I.P. Objective Marker)

I feel bad that i havent posted anything new here for a couple of days so i thought i would upload A Work In Progress Photo of an objective marker.

Introducing Private jenkins.


This started as an excercise in paint stripping. which has been for the most part successful. I have had mixed results using Cillit Bang the successes were with metal models, so far the results have been unimpressive with plastic models, it has been over two days and not much change with the paint.

Soon there should be some photographs of my command squad and my valkyrie.

Im also Considering Basing a sniper in the same manner as Private Jenkins but i am not sure how the 40mm base will effect gameplay


  1. I'd not mind it (the 40mm base) but it might restrict some positions that you might want to put the sniper in. And some opponents will mind that the base has biult in cover.

    You could put the sniper on a normal base and then using plasticard 3 or 4mm tall, make a circle in a more senic (40 or 60mm) base. Create the senic base around the sniper but leave it so that he can be removed for actual gaming.

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